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greyhound athletics

Eaton Rapids Public Schools


greyhound athletics

Eaton Rapids Public Schools

greyhound athletics

Eaton Rapids Public Schools

greyhound athletics

Eaton Rapids Public Schools

High School

High School General Athletics information

Eaton Rapids High School Athletics


Eaton Rapids High School offers a number of school-sponsored sports programs to its students, as well as, non-school-sponsored sports.  General information about our seasonal sports at ERHS is outlined below.  For specific schedules select the season and sport on the menu bar at the top of the page.


Families must pay a fee for each student-athlete to participate in Athletics at Eaton Rapids High School.  The fee for the 24-24 school year is $180.  This is a one-time fee that allows you to participate in multiple sports.  If you choose to participate in a non-school-sponsored sport, you may have to pay an additional fee.  Families can pay in installments as well as qualify for a reduced rate, please contact the athletic office at 517-663-2217 for more information.


All Pre-participation forms must be filled out using this link.  You can pay your fee once your son/daughter has made the team.  All fees must be paid before the first contest.


Signed physical forms and a signed code of conduct must be done before tryouts. Physicals must be done on or after April 15th, 2023.   In order to tryout, we must have a physical uploaded to Student Central before August 8th, 2022.  All directions for setting up your account are at the links below.


Registration Kick-Off Letter from Big Teams

Athletics Pre-Participation Forms Getting Started Guide


If you created a Big Teams account last school year help document



Sports offered at ERHS










Boys Cross Country

Boys Basketball


Girls Cross Country

Girls Basketball




Girls Soccer

Boys Soccer

Competitive Cheer

Boys Golf

Girls Swimming/Diving

Boys Swimming and Diving

Girls Tennis

Boys Tennis

Boys Bowling

Boys Track and Field

Girls Golf

Girls Bowling

Girls Track and Field

Sideline Cheer

Ice Hockey-CoOP 

Girls Water Polo




Boys Water Polo




MHSAA: 2022-2023 Quick Reference Calendar

MHSAA: 2023-2024 Quick Reference Calendar


Coaches Contact Information

Please contact coaches directly for more information about a specific sport or to answer any questions you may have.






Varsity Football



JV Football


Haleigh Haddad

Varsity Volleyball

Missy Smieska

JV Volleyball

Rylee Rhodes

9th-grade Volleyball

Jamie Crow

Boys/Girls Cross Country


Sideline/Competitive Cheer


Mike Edick

Boys/Girls Golf

Val Finney

Boys/Girls Swim and Dive

Jake Crandell

Boys Tennis

Mike Decker

Boys Soccer

Sallie Guy

Boys JV Soccer

Jason Houghton

Boys Varsity Basketball

Sean Lockhart

Boys JV Basketball

Joe Rogers

Boys 9th-grade Basketball


Girls Varsity Basketball



JV Girls Basketball


Devin Milheim


Jason Monaghan

Ice Hockey

Jeff Rochester

Boys/Girls Bowling
Jey Zubal

Varsity Baseball

JV Baseball


Victoria Askew

Varsity Softball


JV Softball


Ryan Anderson

Girls Tennis

Erik Smith

Boys Track and Field

Bob Ribby

Girls Track and Field

Andy Crow

Girls Varsity Soccer
Emily CookGirls JV


Eaton Rapids Athletics at a Glance


You can read the Athletic Department handbook at this link, but here are some FAQ’s.


Family/Individual Sports passes: Family and individual sports passes are available at this link or you can navigate to the main page and click on the tickets/passes link.  Family passes are $200 and are available for immediate family only, up to 6.  Individual passes are $75.  The passes are good for all High School and Middle School regular-season sporting events.  


Ticket prices:  All tickets are $7 for regular-season home events. Tickets can be purchased through GoFan or cash/credit card will be accepted at the gate. High School athletes are free with Student ID in the season they are playing. Preschool and Seniors over 60 are free


Attendance: Athletes will not be allowed to compete in an athletic contest or practice unless they have attended school ALL DAY on the day of the contest or practice.  Extenuating circumstances such as funerals, medical appointments, court appearances, etc will be given consideration.


Transportation: On school days, all team members will travel to and from contests by means of transportation provided and organized by the Athletic Director. When special circumstances require that student-athletes travel to or from athletic contests with parents or legal guardians, approval must be received in writing and in advance from the athletic director or his/her designee. School-provided transportation will not be available on Saturdays and Sundays.


Weather: PRACTICE - If school is canceled prior to the start of school because of inclement weather, all practices are canceled. If the weather should permit, the varsity teams may have the possibility of practicing (non-mandatory) later in the day after receiving authorization from the athletic director. If school is canceled during the school day because of inclement weather, all practices will be canceled. CONTEST – On days of inclement weather, the athletic director will announce whether and when contests will be held as quickly as possible.


Extra-Curricular Conflicts: The student-athlete should exercise caution when gaining membership on teams and in activities where conflicts are likely to exist. When a conflict does arise THE STUDENT MUST IMMEDIATELY NOTIFY THE SPONSORS/COACHES INVOLVED. An individual student who attempts to participate in several activities simultaneously may be in a position of conflicting obligations. If it becomes obvious that a student cannot fulfill the obligation of one activity without conflicting with another that student may be asked to withdraw from one of the conflicting activities. Since the athletic and fine arts departments recognize that each student should have the opportunity for a broad range of experiences in the area of co-curricular activities, they will attempt to schedule events in a manner that minimizes conflicts.


Athletic Code: Students must follow the Athletic Code to maintain the privilege of participating in the Eaton Rapids High School Athletic program. The Athletic Code applies 24/7 365 days a year.  Students and Parents are required to sign the Athletic Code of Conduct each year through the Pre-Participation registration process.  You can find the Code of Conduct on pages 12-16 in the Athletic Handbook


Eligibility: Eaton Rapids Highs School and the MHSAA require students to pass 4 of their 6 classes in the previous semester to be eligible to participate in athletics.  In addition, we will have tri-weekly eligibility checks to ensure we are meeting this standard.  Additional requirements are added to those whose GPA falls below 2.0.  You can read more about the requirements on page 12 of the Athletic Handbook.


Communication Procedures: Parent-to-coach communication shall occur before contacting the athletic director unless you have an extenuating circumstance.


Schedules: Updated schedules can be found on


Cancellations: Parents and students are encouraged to sign-up at this LINK to get instant alerts about cancellations.  You can also follow our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Athletic Department

Athletic Director: Jey Zubal


      Phone number: 517-663-2217


Assistant: Samantha O'Connell


       Phone Number: 517-663-5151


Follow ER Athletics:


Web Page:


Facebook: ER Athletics @erathletics


Twitter: @ERGreyhounds1


Instagram: erps_athletics