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greyhound athletics

Eaton Rapids Public Schools


greyhound athletics

Eaton Rapids Public Schools

greyhound athletics

Eaton Rapids Public Schools

greyhound athletics

Eaton Rapids Public Schools

Middle School

Middle School

Eaton Rapids Middle School Athletics

Eaton Rapids Middle School offers a number of school-sponsored sports programs to its students, as well as, non-school-sponsored sports.  General information about our seasonal sports at ERMS is outlined below.  For Specific Schedules select the season and sport on the menu bar at the top of the page.

Fall Sports for 7th/8th Graders

Fall Sports Registration is open! (Click to register)

(Starts August 22nd to the end of October)

School Sponsored Sports

7th grade Girl's Volleyball

8th grade Girl's Volleyball

Middle School Volleyball fee link $60

Non-School Sponsored Sports (separate fee)

7th Grade Football

8th Grade Football

Boy's and Girl's Cross Country (6th grade also)

Middle School Sideline Cheer

Winter I Sports for 7th/8th 

(Begins October 24th thru December 14th)

7th grade Boy's Basketball

8th grade Boy's Basketball

MS Boy's Basketball Registration

MS Boy's Basketball Pay Link

Winter II Sports for 7th/8th 

(Begins January 3rd thru March 1st)


7th grade Girl's Basketball- Registration

8th grade Girl's Basketball-Registration

Spring Sports for 6th,7th, and 8th 

(Runs from after Spring Break until the end of May)

Boy's and Girl's Track and Field- Begins April 4th.


Youth Sports

Youth Football- 2022 Registration Dates: May 1st - July 15th.

Sideline Cheer-

Youth Soccer Boys- and

Youth Wrestling- ER youth wrestling

Youth Girls and Boys Basketball- and

Youth Baseball-

Youth Softball-

Youth Soccer Girls- and

Sports Physicals

Eaton Rapids Middle School requires all students to have a current physical (completed on or after April 15th) on file in the MS principal's office before they can tryout/participate.  Physicals must be on the MHSAA Form and completely filled out or students will not be allowed to tryout/participate.  This policy is to comply with MHSAA Regulations regarding student eligibility.

Athletic Code

The Eaton Rapids Middle School Athletic Code is established under the authority of the Eaton Rapids Board of Education.  The purpose of the Athletic Code is to establish standards of academic performance and behavior for students involved in interscholastic athletic programs and the penalties for failure to meet the standards.  The privilege of being permitted to participate in the Eaton Rapids Athletic Program is subject to compliance with these standards.  Eaton Rapids Middle School's interscholastic athletic programs are affiliated with the Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA).  We are also a member of the Mid Michigan Middle School League (MMMSL).

Coaches Contact Information

Please contact coaches directly for more information about a specific sport or to answer any questions you may have.

Coach Sport Email
Erik Smith 7th-grade Football
  8th-grade Football  
Baylee Dadswell 7th-grade Volleyball
Kim Gum 8th-grade Volleyball

Joni Schinkel

Constance Ellis

MS Cross Country

Erik Smith 7th-grade Boys Basketball
Jim Jecks 8th-grade Boys Basketball
Josh Onstott MS Wrestling
Constance Ellis 7th-grade Girls Basketball
Brian Lorente 8th-grade Girls Basketball

Constance Ellis MS Track and Field
Alissa Kent MS Sideline Cheer

Eaton Rapids Athletics at a Glance

Family/Individual Sports passesFamily and individual sports passes are available at this link or you can navigate to the main page and click on the tickets/passes link.  Family passes are $200 and are available for immediate family only, up to 6.  Individual passes are $75.  The passes are good for all High School and Middle School regular season sporting events.  

Ticket prices:  All tickets are $3 dollars for adults and $2 for students for regular season home events. Tickets can be purchased through GoFan or cash will be accepted at the gate.  preschool and seniors over 60 are free

Attendance: Athletes will not be allowed to compete in an athletic contest or practice unless they have attended school ALL DAY on the day of the contest or practice.  Extenuating circumstances such as funerals, medical appointments, court appearances, etc will be given consideration.

Transportation: Athletes must use transportation arranged by the school for all contests away from home, unless other transportation is approved in writing, one day in advance by the athletic director or ERMS office prior to such contests.  If the athlete rides home with a parent without prior consent they will be unable to participate in the next contest.

Weather:  If school is cancelled due to inclement weather, all games will be cancelled at the Middle School.  However, non-mandatory practices may still occur on days when school has been cancelled.  It will be up to the parent to decide if they feel safe for their student to attend.  Parents who make the decision to not allow their students to attend will be supported by the coach and administration.

Extra-Curricular Conflicts: If there is a conflict with multiple school activities on the same day, the student may choose which event to attend without consequences provided the student communicates the conflict to the coach/advisor immediately.

Academics: School comes first.  If a student needs help in a class or must make up a test they will be allowed to do so without consequences.

Athletic Code: Students must follow the Athletic Code to maintain the privilege of participating in the Eaton Rapids Middle School Athletic program.

Eligibility: Eaton Rapids Middle School requires students to be passing 6 of their 7 classes to be eligible to participate in athletics.  We will have weekly eligibility checks to ensure we are meeting this standard. MHSAA rules state that a first-year middle school student may compete in athletics without reference to his/her academic record in the sixth grade. Eighth-grade students who attended Eaton Rapids Schools in the seventh grade and wish to try out for a fall sport must meet all eligibility requirements during their last marking period of seventh grade.  All transfer students will follow the same requirements as incoming seventh graders.

Communication Procedures: Parent-to-coach communication shall occur before contacting the athletic director unless you have an extenuating circumstance.

Schedules: Updated schedules can be found on

Cancellations: Parents and students are encouraged to sign-up at this LINK to get instant alerts about cancellations.  You can also follow our Facebook and Twitter page.

Athletic Department

Athletic Director: Jey Zubal


                               Phone number: 517-663-2217

MS Athletic Director: Devin Milheim


                                     Phone Number: 517-663-8151

Assistant: Samantha O'Connell


                  Phone Number: 517-663-5151

Follow ER Athletics:

Web Page:

Facebook: ER Athletics @erathletics

Twitter: @ERGreyhounds1